Refer a Case to The Lien Project

The more information we have, the better resolutions we are likely to archive.

Case referral instructions:

1Complete the form below to receive an email with the link to download the fillable PDF Intake Form for the case(s) type(s) you selected on the check box(es).

2Fill in the PDF Form(s) using Adobe Acrobat Reader, save it, gather all requested documents on the checklist document included with your intake form.

3Email copies of the Intake form and requested documentation to

4Upon receiving your information, one of the Lien Project representatives will contact you within in the next 24 hours to follow up on your lien case.

Case / Contact information:

Case Type:

Please select the type of lien case you will be refering to us. If you are not sure the type of lien case, please select the “I am not sure” checkbox and one of our representatives will contact you to further assist you.

If you need assistance filling in the intake form, or you’re not sure what type of lien case you have; please contact us at or call us at (619) 525-3918 and one of our representatives will contact you in the next 24 hrs.
If you are a Mac user: Please fill in the Intake form using Adobe Acrobat Reader, to prevent data loss.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader